Welcome Home

A tearful reunion tonight. Eddie, the young, eager, legal beagle was back in town. He’s been over the water to the good old USA, apparently hoping to bag a Bigfoot. His plan was to coat the Manx Minx with honey that Bigfoot would find irresistible and then trap him when he tried for a nibble. Unfortunately, he used the wrong honey and so, alas, the Manx Minx will have to go another winter without a Bigfoot-hide coat. Still, we were glad to welcome him back to the Bury drinking scene.

Daring to go al fresco, a small band gathered outside the Trackside. The Whitefield Holts Bandit even made an appearance on his unicycle. Apparently he hasn’t been lying dead at home buried under a pile of junk mail, clutching a bottle of red, but merely lying low. I kicked off with Leeds Best (4.3%) which seemed a traditional Yorkshire bitter, with a good bitter bite. Next up was Skinners Spriggan Ale (3.8) which was a nice light golden colour with a pleasant Goldings bitter aftertaste. Unfortunately the beer was falling like nine pins and having had a taster of a terrible Northern Brewery beer, I stuck with Leeds Best for the duration.

I was supposed to be taking it easy before the planned adventures of Saturday, but Eddie was having none of it. He insisted we take a stroll down to the Trafalgar on Manchester Old Road. This ex Burtonwood pub has recently been featuring Jennings Best and since the advent of the smoking ban is a much improved boozer. Having sampled a nice drop of Jennings, we made the short journey to the Rose & Crown. Now this pub has been in and out of the Good Beer Guide for years and is currently in an “out” phase. However, I have been keeping a close eye on it recently having been tipped that it does feature guest beers.

Indeed the situation now is that it always has Deuchars IPA on, accompanied by two guests. A far cry from its heyday of 6 beers, perhaps, but still worth a visit, if the guests prove worthy. As they did on this occasion, with both the Bitter & Twisted and Adnams Explorer being on excellent form. I was particularly pleased to see Adnams Explorer, as it is an all too rare sight in these parts. With such good beers available, my pleas for early release were wisely ignored by Eddie and only the dreaded last orders bell saved my kidneys from any more work.

So, gaily singing the Star Spangled Banner, we staggered homeward bound after a jolly little evening in Bury.


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