Wherever I Lay My Hat

I’ve got a new local. Well, temporarily at least. The Hark to Towler was mentioned back in February. It's seen quite a change over the last year or so and has more of the feel of a bar than a community local. However, that hasn’t stopped me installing myself at the bar-very Norm from Cheers. In fact I hear the staff cheer every time they see me coming. Or is that a groan? Anyway, never let it be said that Tyson is an inverse snob. I’m quite happy to help punters choose their entree’s over a pint, whilst the staff have given up asking me if I’m dining. But I hear you ask, why, oh why Tyson have you done such a thing? Is it because the Towler is within staggering distance of home? No, because it’s actually further out than the centre of Bury, although luckily, still within crawling distance. The reason is that they’ve now got Copper Dragon Golden Pippin on. The perfect pint for when you don’t want to be farting around experimenting with Billy Boyd’s Homebrew, or the like. Perfection in a glass.

In fact, I think I’ll drink to that...


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