Who'll Stop The Rain

It must be the season of long overdue returns. Hot on the heels of Leonard Cohen comes John Fogerty. In fact, his return makes LC’s seem positively hasty. I thought some of the crowd were getting on a bit and it soon became apparent why. I got chatting to a guy (I think my Willie Nelson For President t-shirt broke the ice), who had been to his last show over here. This tuned out to be when I was in very short pants (no, not last summer) and Edward Heath was still finding his feet as PM. Blimey.

Anyway, I think the wait was worth it. He delivered all the classics you would expect, but I was also eager to hear his new stuff after buying Revival last year. These are his best songs for ages and he really brought the Mississippi to Manchester. Highlights-Credence Song and, of course, Who’ll Stop the Rain. There was also, naturally, time for a little drinking. Archers Crystal Clear was the weapon of choice. This 5% was, indeed, blond and clear, without any of the sweetness that can mar Archers beers. Certainly worth a couple of pints. The nightcap, once more, chose itself. What else but Jack Daniels could conjure up the musical bayous that Fogerty and CCR inhabit?


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