As You Were

Very much a case of how you were. A long day meant that I only managed to get to the Sundial in time to witness the final moments of Andy Murray’s ass whooping. It was quieter than previous evenings but it was still relatively early. The Wainwrights was still in good form, but I pushed on to the Hark to Towler. It seems everyone wants to try the Golden Pippin. And who can blame them at £1.85 a pint? Talking to the landlord, he said that it’s a loss leader for him. I don’t think it needs to be-its reputation speaks for itself. However, obviously I didn’t tell him that. Never look a gift horse etc.

A few pints sunk and then a quick bus ride to Bury. The Trackside didn’t have anything to compare with Golden Pippin, but I made do with Wolf Straw Dog. This is a 4.5% pale Weisse beer. It doesn’t actually taste like a Weisse beer, being rather bland, but did suffice for a pint or two. Rather foolishly I decided on a nightcap at Wetherspoons. Naturally there wasn’t anything decent beer wise available, so I plumped for a soothing whisky.
My diversion did prove worthwhile in one respect, however. If only to prove that there is no age limit to being a yob. Having sat at an empty table, I was harangued by an aggressive 72yr (as he kept telling me) old who proved most disagreeable. Some people thought maybe he was a bit potty, but that’s just ageism. Would they have thought the same of a 20yr old? No. They would just have assumed he was a knob. And, in his case, they would probably have been right.


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