Don't Put Your Daughter On The Stage, Mrs Worthington

So, an evening at the theatre. Such an event requires very precise and specific warm up drinking. Mindful of the long day ahead tomorrow, I resisted the chance to start on Old Rosie-that way lies madness. Instead, I sampled some Caledonian Lorimer’s Cask Lager, as recommended by Tandleman. Now TM has obviously been reading some tasting notes as he informs us that it’s made with Strisselspalt hops-a new one on me as well. However, my readers being of a different sophistication are interested in more prosaic information. Basically, is it shite or not? The answer being, no. It’s a well balanced pint with the wheat and toasted malt combining to give a smooth mouth feel.

Also tried was Marstons Old Empire. This 5.7% is an excellent replica of a traditional IPA. Or, previously noted, what we expect from a “traditional” IPA. Certainly, with Marstons having that love-it, or hate-it Burton Snatch flavour, this is the best they produce. The stronger alcohol content seems to suit their style of brewing, resulting in lots of juicy malt and a spicy aftertaste. Time to get near the action, so a strategic withdrawal to the bar was in order. This was Pimms themed, so it seemed rude to drink anything else. Not that they really had anything else worth drinking. Don’t they realise we artistic types require quality imbibing sustenance?

The play being good, but as is the way with these things, not short, thank God for the hip flask I say. Post curtain drinks consisted of some excellent Marble JP Best and Janine’s One, before finally giving in to the clarion call of cider.


Tandleman said…
I am your readers!
Tyson said…
Oh dear. I don't know what that says about either of us!

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