Eternal Sunshine Of the Spotless Mind

A slightly odd outing tonight. It all began reasonably enough, with a message from Eddie, the eager, legal beagle. He wanted to discuss the role of the grandparent in Pomeranian society, over a drink or two. Knowing it’s a subject close to his heart, what could I do but agree?

The posse’s first stop in Manchester was the Angel, as visited on Saturday. Phoenix West Coast IPA was fresh on and in superb condition, bursting with pungent hops. So good, in fact, that Don Ricardo had downed his first before we mere mortals had taken the froth off ours. This led to the first of his off-topic ramblings. Having chatted to the very amenable host, naturally we had to delay our exit. Curse these places for serving such good beer. It was nice to see some of the local apartment dwellers popping in for a drink. If it’s to get the success it deserves, then these are the regulars it needs to attract.

Somewhat reluctantly we pushed on to the Marble Arch. Here we were met by a quite amazing beer. Oakham Endless Summer was golden and full of grapefruit hops, as you might expect from this brewery. However, the real shock was its abv. It was only 3.4%. If they can brew a beer to this standard at such a low vol, then why can’t others do it? It really put into perspective that there are a lot of very average beers doing the rounds out there. Of course, that meant we had to have another. Curse these places for serving such good beer...

A quick walk took us to the Smithfield. Here I tried Salopian Matrix which was a blond beer with a biscuity edge. Meanwhile Don Ricardo was going into great detail educating Eddie as to the different sizes of timber. Why, we were never quite sure. Across the road, Bar Fringe was closed, and in darkness, although you could clearly see staff sat around. A pit stop at the Crown & Kettle gave us a Blackdown beer that was obviously a cask version of Hoegaarden. There seems to be a lot of those around at the moment.

Time for some Dizzy Blonde in the Castle before heading to Hunters for a very late tea of rice and three. But, what’s this? Don Ricardo refusing curry! Quick, draw the curtains. Is there a doctor in the house? Refusing curry and then trying to explain to me why beer is like diesel. A surreal ending to a rather good beer evening.


Tandleman said…
I am glad that the Angel has done something about its beer range. I did mention to the owner on my only visit since he re-opened, that Marstons and Dunham Massey wouldn't cut it in his locale. I am sure many others told him the same, so I am not claiming anything for my advice. Good that he listens and that Phoenix are featuring too.

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