Gone to the Dogs

Possibly a BDO (Big Day Out) tomorrow, so just a couple of pints early doors. Well that was the plan, anyway. I met Archimedes and the WHB up at the Dogs, hoping for some al fresco drinking. Unfortunately, when they said sunshine and showers, they meant it literally. Everytime we tried to go outside, the heavens opened. Not content with rain we were also treated to hailstone-in sunny July, for pity’s sake. Fortunately there were more than enough beers to keep us busy.

Salopian Lemon Dream (4.5%) was an interesting start. A wheat beer in which you could definitely taste the lemon, but I think the Cascade hops also contributed to the dry finish. Ossett Quicksilver (5%) had a nice golden hue but was disappointing by their high standards. Too much of the strength came through in the taste-never a good sign. Their Silver King (4.3%) was much better, with a good, clean finish. Kelham Island Pale Rider (5.2%) wasn’t bad, but it doesn’t appear to be the beer it once was.

Also tried was Shardlow Whistle Stop (5%), a golden beer that was pleasant enough, but lacked a kick that a beer of that strength should deliver. Copper Dragon Golden Pippin was on good form and went down a treat. Before hitting the TS, I introduced Archimedes to the cerebal delights of Pizza Pioneer, where we were able to take advantage of their buy one, get one half price offer.
Back, once more in the Trackside, we encountered a similar problem to yesterday. The Honey Porter was ok, but at only 3%, hardly a Porter. We decided to hit the cider as Archimedes had just missed his bus. However, Cheddar Valley is notorious for making you miss buses (and many other things), and so it proved. The one for the road became a couple before we could escape its beguiling charm. Still, good practice for tomorrow, I suppose.


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