If You Can't Beat Them

New licensee Belal Hussain has got an interesting take on the old supermarket v pub battle. The former trainee accountant must have thought if the supermarkets can sell shite in bulk, cheap, why can’t a pub? Hence his strategy at the Marksman in West Bromwich. Apparently he’s selling the likes of John Smiths, Strongbow, Carlsberg etc at 89p a pint. His profit margin is only 2p a pint, but he is selling 3000 pints a day. To keep the peelers happy, he’s limiting it to four pints a customer. His stated aim is to “bring the pub back to the people.” Either that or he just likes keeping tight fisted scrotes happy.


Paul Garrard said…
Don't think it would tempt me in if I lived in the area, but good luck to him I say.

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