Manic Monday

Was it still the buzz from yesterday, or just undigested Jaipur IPA? Either way, no Monday morning blues meant I got lots done today. I made an application for ancillary relief, fixed the microwave, and began writing an algorithm program to catalogue my music collection. And that was just the start, I then, hold on-I’m doing a Stonch here and going off piste. Next I’ll be coming over all poetic like Tandleman!

So, back to basics, as John Major use to say to Edwina after a night on the pop. It’s a cliché but a night in the big city does provide a good excuse for liquid nourishment. I kicked off with Tom Wood’s Bomber County (4.8%) but I should have known better. Wetherspoons are always putting their beers on and they always fail to impress. This had too much roast malt and too little of anything else to be palatable. It got slightly better with Highgate Fox’s Knob (4.4%) but this also failed to ignite me, despite its claims to be dry-hopped.

Luckily Taylors Landlord came to the rescue and saw me through till the main event-Jack Johnson. I was looking forward to this concert but was concerned that an arena setting wouldn’t be ideal for him. So it proved, unfortunately. Although he was technically excellent, the venue is ill-suited to his musical style. I presume his management thought they’d cash in on his burgeoning stardom and head straight for the big time. However, my view is that if you can’t sell the M.E.N Arena out (as he didn’t), don’t play it.

Just time for a half price Pizza Pioneer special before settling down with some 10yr old Macallan.


Paul Garrard said…
"and began writing an algorithm program to catalogue my music collection"

I'm genuinely impressed!
Tyson said…

If it works correctly, so will I :)

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