The Ref Does Need Glasses

It’s no secret that our Eastern comrades take a slightly more relaxed view of drinking than we do. I’ve seen for myself how their love of the hard stuff is so deeply ingrained that any attempt to prohibit it meets stiff resistance. Henc, drinking on the job is still quite common, although not always as public as Sergei Shmolik’s performance this week.

Mr. Shmolik (recently voted Belarus referee of the year 2007) was overseeing a Belarus Premier League match when it became apparent something was amiss. An onlooker at the clash between Vitebsk and Naftan said: "In the second half, he hardly moved around the pitch at all. By the end of the game the reason was evident to everyone - the referee was drunk. This was confirmed with a medical test later in the evening."

Mr. Shmolik refutes any allegations of a vodka binge and claims he merely had back pain. Judge for yourself at


That's terrific. Bet he still did a better job than Graham Poll
Tyson said…
Yes, interesting that. It took over half of the match before anyone thought anything of it. Such is the prestige of refs.

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