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Monday, 21 July 2008

Riding the Crest

An update on the super strength lager situation as highlighted by Tandleman in a recent post. It seems that Carlsberg Special Brew will soon be officially only suitable for wimps. In a move sure to delight the SD, Wells & Young have launched Crest Super Strength. A beer for real men (and women, of course) it weighs in at an impressive 10%. According to the blurb, it’s brewed with the finest German hops and has a unique taste “for those that appreciate a beer of distinction.” Quite. Personally I won’t be touching the stuff. Anyone else thinking of trying it, please don’t. It contains 5 units of alcohol. More than the government’s, very scientific, daily recommendation for rough-tough men, never mind girlies. So don't say I haven't warned you.

Rather worryingly, this was the first press release that I’ve received as a blogger. Either they appreciate my important position in the online community. Or they were targeting me as a potential customer???


You Know Who said...

Makes Brewdog look like Babysham. At last the perfect breakfast drink.

Paul Garrard said...

10%, lager and in a can. Doesn't tick any boxes for me.

Tyson said...


I agree it doesn't sound too appealing for real alr fans, but to be applauded, surely, for it's non-pc attitude.