Ruby Tuesday

There I was, pondering one of life’s great mysteries-how long exactly should a Long Tail be? Sadly before I could come to any conclusion, my concentration was broken. A message from Eddie, the eager, legal beagle. Could I join him for some rice wine and bento? I agreed, providing we had a drink first.

So it was that we kicked off in the Dogs. Eddie, being a well known weather jinx, ensured that our al fresco experience was brief. Never fear, we were more than comforted by pints of Outlaw Wild Mule, and Phoenix White Monk. Next stop was the Towler and some excellent Golden Pippin. Naturally one pint led to another, and despite my pleas to leave, Eddie forced me to stay. The Manx Minx was soon on the dog and bone. She’d finished ripping innocent teeth out and was expecting Eddie back to polish the gold taps in the bathroom. Like the British in India, we knew it was time to leave, so we tucked into our last drinks.
However, it would have been rude to say bonne nuit without a nightcap, so we popped into the Trackside to quench our thirsts. The best on offer here was Marble Lagonda IPA which, although fine, couldn’t compete with the hop level we’d been sampling all evening. Then there was just time for the traditional (half price) Pizza Pioneer delight before heading for the old homestead.


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