Smoke Gets in Huns Eyes

Seems the usually efficient Teutonic Knights have come a cropper. The smoking ban in Germany has gone up in, er, smoke, after the German High Court ruled it unlawful. This is a little annoying, I must say, as I was looking forward to some cleaner drinking air on my next visit. The ban, it seems, discriminates against one-roomed venues, as mult-room venues were allowed a smoking room. That seems pretty obvious, and could have had similar repercussions here if proponents of smoking rooms would have had their way. Now the ban will either have to be lifted, or imposed universally. In the meantime, venues of 75 metres or less will be allowed to carry on puffing. Just the sort of place that needs a ban, you would think. Those Krazy Krauts, eh?


dave said…
The Germans, like the French, seem resistant to the idea of any smoking prohibition. Can't understand it really.
Tandleman said…
Not quite true wot you wrote. The court upheld the constitutionality of smoking bans, but struck down the way they were being implemented in some German states. It is unfair for a smoking ban to apply to small, one-room bars and restaurants while allowing for smoking rooms in larger establishments. The court gave German states until Dec. 31, 2009 to re-write their laws to incorporate the judges' ruling. The states will either need to pass blanket smoking bans for all restaurants and bars, or will have to re-write laws to allow for smoking in corner bars.

So it is as you were unless you run some one roomed fleapit under 75 m2
Tyson said…
Hmm. I first read your comments at 0315 but (unusually!) thought I'd wait before replying. Having read my piece again, I'm puzzled as to what isn't correct. Your answer is an expansion of my short summary. I can't see any fundamental differences. I think I'm having a Stonch moment:)

However, writing under the influence, as I do, can lead to a degree of opacity I suppose. So,I'm quite happy to take the blame for any misunderstandings my dear readers might have.
Tandleman said…
Well you said "The smoking ban in Germany has gone up in, er, smoke, after the German High Court ruled it unlawful."

Perhaps I was just being a bit pedantic, but the German smoking ban hasn't gone up in smoke and it isn't unlawful. Your post implies that the smoking ban in Germany is "aus". It isn't. The only change is to the small one roomed pubs. Everywhere else, previous arrangements apply.

Hope this helps!
Tyson said…
I think you are trying to be particularly pedantic, but don't worry I won't label you a beer geek.

I've aready conceded that the piece was probably too brief in detail. Hence I can understand your interpretation. However, the facts are all correct. The ban was deemed uncostituitonal and therefore unlawful. Yes, we are only talking about one room venues, hence why I specificly mentioned them. My point was that the ban has been overturned in the type of venues that most need them. However, I'll take it on the chin that I implied otherwise. Glad someone is paying attention, anyway:)
dave said…
I think Tandleman's just spoiling for a fight. Stonch has taken his ball in and so Tandleman has you in his sights. Don't say you haven't been warned!
Tyson said…

I think you're right. Luckily he's on holiday soon, so I will be able to relax:)
Tandleman said…
Tyson is safe from me. He knows his stuff. Germany is particularly an interest of mine hence my intervention.

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