Another Rainy Night In Georgia Bury

More of our beautiful summer weather curtailed any ideas of an adventurous nature. Just a quick pit stop at the Towler for some Golden Pippin. As I sat there swaying along to Procol Harlem, sipping the sweet nectar of the gods, I had no sense of the impending disaster. Traumatic as it is to recall, these things need to be shared. Innocently I went to the bar for a refill. And that's where it happened. The Golden Pippin had run out! How could this happen to me? What had I done to deserve such a fate? I felt like I was in an episode of "999" and Michael Buerk would appear at any time. But there was no time to feel sorry for myself. Drinking time was ticking away and action was needed. Realising a bus was due imminently; I dashed out into the tipping rain just in time to see the bus about to pass me. I don't think the driver was impressed when I threw myself in his path, but it did ensure he stopped. Well, it was an emergency.

Before too long my beer chariot had deposited me safely outside the Dogs, where I could seek medical attention for my recent upset. This took the form (naturally) of several pints of hop remedy. Slaters Top Totty was first to the rescue, shortly followed by Lemon Dream. Kelham Island Best Bitter (3.8) was on good form, being a nice light session beer. I then switched onto a couple of pints of Bazens new seasonal (Summer Beer?) which wasn't overtly hoppy, but was well balanced and had a good dry finish. The finale, of course, had to be Golden Pippin with a dash to the bar to double up before last orders. With some comfort eating at Pizza Pioneer, I finally managed to put that awful experience behind me.

This post (if it works) has been brought to you by Microsoft's newfangled Word Blog Post tool. And the reason the title is in the post is because it won't let me strikethrough just one word in the title bar-don't get me started on Bill Gates...


linda said…
You poor thing. It must have been terrible.

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