These Boots Are Made For Walking

A bright, dry, summer’s evening was the perfect excuse for some al fresco action. First port of call was the Sundial for some Wainwrights. The recent renovation added an extensive, fenced-in, back patio drinking area and an unusual, completely covered, side drinking zone. A short stroll up to the Towler brought some al fresco Golden Pippin. A bench in the car park isn’t the most scenic of locations but al fresco is still al fresco. Obviously, others shared my sentiment, as all the seats at the side, and the back, of the pub were taken. However, judging by the unmistakable odour of wacky-baccy, some people needed more than Copper Dragon to stimulate their minds.

Time to jump on the bus and hit the Dogs. As usual, an excellent line up here. However, still stinging from my recent encounter with it, Leyden Time & Tide went untried. Instead I made do with the likes of Phoenix Arizona and the even better Phoenix Spotland Gold. The world of real ale can be a small one and, purely by chance, I fell into conversation with someone who had attended the opening night of the Beer House, many moons ago. I also had to contend with an evangelist from Bury Ramblers. They’d just completed a new members 5 mile walk. Which, he was quick to point out, didn’t actually count as a “proper walk.” Apparently, they’d done 11.5 miles yesterday, and that was nearer to what he considered a “proper walk.” As he reached for a membership form, I took a "proper walk"-straight to the bar...


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