Trouble & Strife

Honestly, you can’t take them anywhere. You’d think a woman would just be grateful for being allowed through the doors of Hopwood Unionist Club, but, oh no, there’s always one troublemaker.

I’m totally appalled by this. I had no idea people were choosing to drink in Heywood. In my experience people can’t wait to get out of Monkey Town. Preferably before dark. And while I’m at it, the quality of journalism here is terrible. It fails to answer THE big question-the club is supplied by J.W.Lees, but is it cask?


dave said…
They should be ashamed of themselves.
tony said…
Why would a woman want to go in a sports room? Hopefully to watch sports.If she wants MTV she should go somewhere else.
linda said…
It seems old fashioned, but no more than the likes of golf clubs etc. It's difficult to argue against when memebers have voted for it. After all, they pay their money and are entitled to a vote, irrespective of how often they actually use the club.

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