Saturday Siesta

So Saturday dawned, the day after the night before. I was feeling bloated, beered out, and my stomach was complaining about not having had a proper meal in days. The weather was uninspiring, with heavy bursts of rain, and it looked like being a quiet day. Luckily, by mid afternoon I had rallied, and made clear to my liver who was in charge.
So, equipped with my new, unused in London, brolly I journeyed round to the Hare & Hounds. A nice easy start, with Outlaw Amarillo (3.9%), an easy going golden session bitter that delivered a moderately bitter finish. This was quickly followed by Ossett’s Real Ale Revolution which was brimming with coriander and tangerine notes. Moving along the bar anti-clockwise, a new one on me was Clark’s Henry’s Heady Daze (3.6%), a golden, pleasantly fruity beer with a sweetish finish.

By the time I had gone half way round the bar, the pub, which had been fairly quiet, had started to fill up. The afternoon drinkers-a mix of families and the more mature drinker, were giving way to a younger crowd. Groups of lads out on the beer, and/or the pull. Girls doing the same. Which meant getting to the bar was getting more difficult. Which meant it was time to say my goodbyes and head for pastures new.

Down at the Trackside it was a case of how you were. Some of the regulars looked like they hadn’t left since last night. Strangely, I felt right at home. I soon got back on the Acorn Liberty IPA, but feeling like a change I quaffed a couple of Wadworth’s JCB. This 4.7% amber beer is brewed with a high rate of crystal malt and is moreish for its strength. A good blend of biscuit-malt and fruit gives way to a surprisingly bitter finish. I’m told it’s 35 EBU (European Bitter Units), which is quite high as, if I recall correctly, Holts Bitter is 40.

Naturally the evening ended in cider consumption. Well, it was Saturday night. Which, naturally, led to Pizza Pioneer. Well, it was Saturday night...


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