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Manchester Street Art

Cossack dancing is an entertaining, if specialised, art. Now, after watching it, you may feel like emulating the performers-after all how hard can it be? I’ve observed that this impulse seems to be particularly strong after a night on the pop in Manchester. Which probably explains the decision for an impromptu demonstration on the tram platform.
Tyson-bringing street art to the masses...

Lytham Larks

A nice sunny day was a good omen for our little excursion to Lytham Beer Festival. The change of train at Preston went smoothly enough, but that’s where our luck deserted us. We ground to a halt en route to Lytham as a bridge ahead had been struck by a vehicle. Late and thirsty, we eventually arrived at our destination. First stop was Whelan’s for some sublime fish & chips. Suitably nourished, we made for the Lowther Pavilion and some beer.

The festival was a token festival and, having purchased a handful, we managed to find seats in the side room. There was a fair selection on offer and we wasted no time in getting stuck in. Fallons were a new brewery to me, so I sampled all of their beers on offer. Unfortunately, they seemed very homebrew and I can’t say I’ll be rushing to seek them out again. Fuzzy Duck were better, although do we really need beers such as Cunning Stunt and Shining Wit? Acorn Willamette (5%) had quite a punch but I think Fyne Avalanche (4.5%) was my favourite. I…