All Hands On The Pumps

The Hare & Hounds at Holcombe Brook have started a 10 day, 40 beers a day festival. All are on handpump, either in the main bar, or on the festival bar in the side room. My mission is simple: to try and sample as many as possible. There are 10 days of drinking in the Naked City. These are some of their stories.

Day One
An evening session reveals the layout. 12 beers on the main bar and 28 on the festival bar. Handily, there is an electronic display showing all 28 beers and, as usual, they are colour coordinated. There are a lot of festival specials and I kick off with one. Phoenix Jo’s Juice (4.1%) was very reminiscent of Phoenix Hopsack and had that very bitter, rough hop edge. Also very palatable was Marble Festival (4.4%) which I’ve had before and is a wonderfully hopped, very moreish light beer.

Another old friend was Phoenix Pale Moonlight (4.2%) and yet another Phoenix-Last Leaf (4.5%) was also good. Time to try something new-Cottage JT (4%), which proved to be brown and inoffensive. Pennine’s Floral Dance (3.6%) is a good session Bitter whilst their White Owl (5%) is a dangerously drinkable cloudy wheat beer. The score on doors-16 beers tried.


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