Day Six

Lytham’s John’s leaving do. An excuse for daytime drinking. But where to go? Always happy to help a friend in need, I suggested we adjourn to the festival bar. Spooky déjà vue. There was a coach parked outside and I joked that a coach party may be hogging the bar. Well bless my barnacles, if there wasn’t a coach party of old seadogs hogging the bar. All looking smart in their badged blue blazers. A good time was had by all until the Boatswain’s Call heralded their departure. Old Bear Sun Bear (4.2%) was a pleasant surprise. So pale as to warrant a score of 0.5 on the colour scale, it was an easy drinking, citrus led session beer. Of course we had to finish on cider-Wilkins Farmhouse (6%) which is a great dry Somerset cider and another new one for me. And then it was half price pizza time-spooky this déjà vue stuff.


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