Day Three

Sad news in the morning paper. The great Levi Stubbs has sung his last high note. I play Billy Bragg's Levi Stubbs' Tears and go for a pint. A lunchtime start ensured a table comfortably close to the festival bar. Fugelstou Hop Explosion proved (as I suspected it would) very misleading. One has to be wary of beers proclaiming their hop credentials and Fugelstou have proved disappointing in the past. Combine this with a brown beer and expectations were low. Sure enough, there was a distinct lack of hops. Perhaps the explosion occurred before the brewing process? There was some excitement over Boggart’s Bambi Brew (4.6%) which some people openly admitted to liking. True, it wasn’t bad-a shocking discovery in a Boggart beer. But, although it led with some clean bitterness, the finish had too much diacetyl for me.
I had more luck with Heart of Wales Welsh Black (4.4%) which was a pleasant stout with notes of liquorice. Brampton Wasp Nest (5%) was also pitch black but left me unmoved. By teatime I’d managed to get through the original list-including the ciders, but of course several new ones had come on, forcing me to stay and watch the football. By 9pm my attention to detail had slipped somewhat. Hence whilst I enjoyed knocking back a couple of pints of Pennine’s Duncan’s Delight-a copper coloured medium bittered brew, it wasn’t till the day after that I noticed it was actually 5.3%. That probably explains why I had to rewatch CSI Miami after failing to remember who did what to whom. A nice kick in the balls for the government and their mythical unit obsession. 25 so-called units consumed today and 1 curry.


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