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Friday, 17 October 2008

Day Two
A good start to the day. A spot of lunch with a gorgeous blonde at the Pack Horse at Affetside. A couple of Hydes aperitifs and, mindful of the evening session, some of Maureen’s Cheese & Onion Pie to put a lining on the stomach. Now this is the life.

An early Friday evening start secured some prime seats at the bar. Hornbeam Paul’s Pint (3.8%) was light, but lacked enough hops to offset the malty finish, rendering it quite ordinary. Their Dexter’s Bitter (4.2%) was darker, but again had too much malt. They seem to be able to brew some reasonable dark beers but anything else seems beyond them. A one trick pony I’ve got them down as, but, perhaps they will prove me wrong one day.

Ossett Real Ale Revolution Porter (4.2%) was disappointing and lacked the body of a true Porter. Bank Top Stevie’s Wonders (4.2%) was golden in hue but a tad too sweet for my palate. Moorhouses Jess’s Jem (4.4%) was even sweeter and, if taken in excess, would probably necessitate a visit to your dentist. 5 Towns Day at the Races (4.4%) was light and easy going-not at all bad for a such a new brewery. The pub was very busy by now but even the sweaty, heaving bodies couldn’t distract from the poor quality of Bazen’s Zebra. This Bold4.3% insult to the palate was light but heavily smoked and barely drinkable. By the time Eddie, the eager, legal beagle gave us a lift home; another 16 had bitten the dust. Best beer of the session was Bowland Oktobeer (4.2%) which was a very tasty clear wheat beer. Strangest was Redscar Sands (4.2%) which was copper coloured and had a distinct Islay flavour-fine for whisky but not in beer, I would suggest.

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