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Saturday, 15 November 2008

A Brewery Visit And Then Some Beer

Another day, another beer festival. Well another day at Bury, anyway. Before that though was the little matter of a brewery visit to Outstanding. Being the BLO for my (sometimes too) local brewery, I was the natural choice to lead the great and good of Chester Camra to this hard to find beer outpost.

We met up at the Trackside at lunchtime for a quick aperitif. Unfortunately the beer range was obviously suffering from festivalitis, as the severely depleted board offered nothing under 5%. Undaunted we managed some of the rather fruity Atomic Bomb before winding our way to Outstanding. Based in a rather run-down industrial area, it’s surrounded by a number of brothels which I’m sure don’t offer real ale, although several people seemed interested in verifying this. That’s dedication to the cause.
At the brewery we enjoyed a couple of entertaining hours sampling the likes of Blonde etc. Not forgetting the sublime Barley Wine. Then it was time to get back to the festival before all the beer ran out. It hadn’t, although a lot had. A heady mix of beer, cider and more (foreign beer) followed before Eddie and I escaped to pastures new. A bus ride out to Ramsbottom’s newest bar-The First Chop-seemed like a good idea. And so we were soon ensconced in its cosy upstairs bar. More on this new venture another time but suffice it to say we enjoyed pints of Bank Top and Jekyll’s Gold before Eddie forced my mouth open and poured Laphroaig down my unwilling oesophagus. Then, after another long day, it was home, via our old friend Pizza Pioneer.


phil said...

I attended on the Saturday and was disappointed by the choice left.There is always much less available on Sat,but this year there seemed an unusually high number of dark beer left.Has the beer order changed?

joe90 said...

Definitely not as good range on as usual.Too many beers from too few breweries.Pricing was ok but temp on some beers I had was too high.

sean said...

There didn't seem as many people there as last year on Fri,or Sat night.Probably a good thing as it was very warm on Friday night.Some of the beer was hazy but generally I thought it was quite good.

Btw my wife enjoyed the Singing Mouse!

Tyson said...


No offence, but your wife's not wired right.

lee said...

The Singing Mouse was vile.I ended up throwing mine away before it made me throw up.The venue as a whole lacks enough seating as people cling onto what there is for ever.Also although I do like dark beers,there were far too many left on Saturday which must tell you something.

Tyson said...


The lack of seating is dictated by the venue. There are seats by the lift but I don't think there's much more that can be done to increase actual numbers. I agree that the number of dark beers left on Sat night suggests the beer order may need tweaking.

lee said...

Seats in the main hall?

sgt bilko said...

The singing mouse was disgusting but not as disgusting as the sight of Rick snogging in the trackside.

Tyson said...


I'm not sure that's actually very practical. Or even legal?

Ugh. You're right-that is truly disgusting! Looks like the 2008 BBF will be remembered for Singing Mouse and the one where Rick pulled. It's a mad, mad world...