Brown Beer And Diacetyl

What a Tuesday night. It was great to be part of such a historical moment and I celebrated late into the night. The sort of evening you want to tell your grandchildren about. Yes, Alan Partridge (And Less Successful Characters) was back in Manchester-what did you think I meant? Really I could have done with a night in, but I was teased with the lure of football and so reluctantly (for me) I turned out. I had a bad feeling in my water about it though, and it wasn’t all down to the curry & tequila I had last night.

It started badly with word coming through that the Towler had let us down and we needed to find a quick alternative. The good news was that the Sundial was showing the match, so only a minor detour was needed. The bad news was that they only had Flying Shuttle (4.6%) on handpump. Although the pub was busy, no one else seemed to be drinking it as quite a bit had to be pulled through. Even then it was warm. A innocuous brown beer is the most generous comment you could pass on it. It would probably do well in London as they would most likely consider it exotic. It would probably get praised as “a typical Lancashire Bitter” It is after all, apparently, the official beer of Lancashire Day. A move to Yorkshire looks better all the time.

Having suffered several pints of this bland concoction, I was grateful when it was time to move on. I knew a visit to the Trackside would be wasted as Dean had snuck off to the Stoke beer festival, so the Peel seemed a likely choice. Realistically it was the only choice. Surely they would have some festival delights to tempt us? Apart from the very ordinary Alton, a bank of empty pumps faced us. Chris, the manager, explained that they had been very busy and most of the beers they had put on that afternoon had already gone. It must have been the shock of actually finding the Peel with guest beers on that had driven people into such a drinks frenzy. Put beers on and people will come.

Sadly the Black Wattle beer was one of the casualties. Never mind, there still was Batemans Eastern Promise and Proper Job. Saving the enticing Proper Job for after, I dived straight into the Batemans. You could tell underneath there was a good beer trying to get out but the edge was taken off by some unpleasant diacetyl in the aftertaste. Not brilliant. Still, there was always the Proper Job...

“Three pints of Proper Job, please.”
“Sorry, it’s just gone.”
“What! Well what do you recommend then?”
“Proper Job, but it’s just gone.”

Hence we ended up with diacetyl Batemans again. And although I managed another pint of it after that, that really was the limit of my patience with under-par beer and after last orders I made my sad, forlorn, journey home. Brown beer and diacetyl-oh woe is me.


Tandleman said…
After singing the praises of Batemans Eastern Promise I thought I had got it all wrong tonight. Thankfully it was just the last pint of the cask. Plenty other shite to be going on with mind you, all at £2.30 a pint. Dontcha just love London? Sub par beer at optimum (for JDW)prices.

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