Do That To Me One More Time

This morning it felt like I’d been mixing whisky and beer last night. Probably because I had. No time to wallow though. The WHB was on the loose and demanding an afternoon drink. The weather wasn’t very welcoming and neither were most of the pubs in the centre of Bury. A problem meant they had no running water and so had to close. Luckily no such worries for the Trackside-they’ve got their own supply, and the staff don’t wash their hands anyway.
So it was a repeat performance with Mallinsons featuring once again. Oakham did appear on the bar later, but by then it was already too late. and it was Talisker time. Until recently the Trackside had only sold the abysmal Bushmills, but things are slowly improving. Talisker is now available for the more discerning pisshead. Gloriously peaty with notes of underlying chocolate and pepper, the finish is very dry and pure North Sea. A great way to finish off an afternoon’s drinking, and, as a bonus, mask the effects of last night.


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