End Of An Era

So, the chop has come at last. Carlsberg have announced plans to close the Tetley brewery in Leeds. No doubt the blogosphere will be buzzing with views all day. Let’s be honest, the Leeds operation must have always been a sideshow to a company with no interest in real ale. They do plan to continue brewing Tetley-preferably in the North of England, but “definitely” still in the UK. Doh!

Obviously they will still brew here-unless Denmark has suddenly become a major cask ale producer. In reality this means under contract, which in reality means changes to the beer, which inevitably leads to the brand dying off. How the mighty have fallen. A sad day for Leeds and the workforce. And for those who recall Tetley in its glory days. Very interesting, though, in terms of what will happen to the market when the last of the big players leaves.


tom said…
Of course they stopped making real Tetleys years ago but still sad.

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