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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

What Am I Going To Do With Your Tattoo?

Déjà vu all over again as I visited Ramsbottom once more-this time in my semi-official capacity as a local beerhound. First stop was the Good Samaritan where I had a chat with the landlord. Seems (as was speculated) that he is just a manager keeping the seat warm till Enterprise can con, I mean convince, someone to take it on. Seems a bit daft to me. They’ve got money to pay someone at least minimum wage , for months on end, and yet they consistently increased the financial pressure on the one successful tenant that they did have. Or am I missing something here?

Anyway both the Copper Dragon and Theakstons Mild were good, although it’s hard to see the Mild lasting long as there simply aren’t any customers. Only two people iItalicn-there would have been three, but the landlord’s rather large dog went for some poor old bloke as he was coming in, necessitating a hasty exit. Over at the First Chop things were also quite, but slightly more relaxed. This is the bar I was approached about some time ago. It’s the sort of place Bury centre could do with-offering an eclectic choice of Lancashire tapas or mains and an excellent drinks selection. There is a small bar upstairs with cosy dining available downstairs. It’s still a work in progress but it deserves success for bringing innovation to the area. There are currently four casks available-two from Thwaites and two guests. I enjoyed some excellent Jekyll’s Gold over a chat with the owner, Rick. He likes to source his beer locally-like his food, and on next will be Outstanding Blonde and Outstanding Ginger.

I roused myself from the comfort of a barstool and made my way round to the Major. Last night’s Lakeland Gold was so good I wanted some more before it ran out. Luckily it was still on and still excellent. Also, luckily, they have a very civilised attitude to last orders. It was there that I was told a woeful tale of forsaken love by a friendly barfly. Seems he’d decided to get a tattoo of his beloved to prove the ardour of his affection. However, it was he, not she, that got the surprise when he went home. She took him aside and gave him the Italic“this may not be the best time, but...” speech. If only more people would heed the warning of Sammy Kershaw. As he sang in the classic Your Tatoo,
"I got you under my skin a long time ago:
Just a little tattoo to let the world know
That there'd never be no one for me but you.
But you turned out to be a bad heartache,
And I found someone to take your place.
Now, what am I gonna do with your tattoo?
Well, it won't wash off or fade away,
And I'm stuck with you till my dying day.
It's just a picture of a girl in her birthday suit,
With her cowboy hat and her cowboy boots"

There's a lesson for all of us there, I think.


NAM said...

Lancashire tapas? Enquiring minds want to know...

Tandleman said...

I still regret having that tattoo of Don Ricardo on my .. well... never mind where. A warning too late for me I fear.

Tyson said...


Basically it's a twist on tapas with a Lancashire theme. So the ingredients are all local-ie Burnley beef etc. When I get a chance I shall post more of the menu. I should also have said that its got a good bottled selection.

Tyson said...


I believe E cries every time she sees it!