The Winner Takes It All

Another Day. Another Beer. Actually that’s what I’m calling my autobiography, but it happens to be true. What would be today’s excuse to ease my worries about the credit crunch, global warming, and the plight of the Javan rhino? Ah, yes, the Hairy Mounds winning Cask Ale Pub of The Year. As good as any reason to enjoy Humulus lupulus, I’d say.

So it was that I found myself at the bar of the aforementioned winner tackling George Wright Longboat. This was pale with some summer fruit sweetness and a short, dry, finish. This was followed by the wonderfully named Cumbrian Legendary Blue Monkey Amber Ale, which, like all their beers I’ve tried, was excellent. In between shots of celebratory whisky, I also managed some Outlaw and Crouch Vale Eureka. The latter of these was indeed copper-coloured and, although easy drinking for 4.6%, failed to live up to the hoppy claims of the pumpclip.

Down in the Trackside the beer of choice was Mallinsons Stadium. Straw in colour, it packed quite a bit of flavour for 3.9%. Clean crisp hoppiness was matched by a dry, fruity, finish. Well worth having a couple of. With Fagash Lil’ bustling us out of the door for an early close, it was the Peel or bust. Unfortunately, as usual, this was disappointing, with most beers simply not available. After having settled my stomach with more whisky I tried the Yo-Ho Yona Yona. It seemed to lack any discernable aroma and although more of an American style beer than the Firestone, it still failed to deliver anything like its hype. Not bad, but Proper Job remains the best JDW beer so far.


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