Yellow Fever

Well the nutters in Whitehall are at it again. You’d think the Government would have plenty on its plate and wouldn’t have time to harass the pub trade any further. You’d be wrong. Obviously they know where their priorities lie. They’ve written to local councils advocating a number of measures that should be applied to so-called problem pubs.

Apparently, under review pubs should display a yellow card in some sort of bizarre naming and shaming exercise. That’ll teach them. Other proposals include employing over 25s only and forcing them to close at weekends. The trade has hit back saying that there should be a green card scheme for the vast majority of pubs that abide by the law. Rightly they are miffed that the Government chose to write to councils without first consulting those most affected.

As usual this is the Government marching to its own beat. One of its obsessions seems to be passing more legislation, so as to be seen to be doing something, instead of ensuring that current laws and regulations are properly enforced. There is a perfectly adequate licensing system in place already which should be being used to address any concerns. Apart from the fact that it won’t solve the problems the Government seems intent on blaming the on-trade for, it’s completely unnecessary. Government, heal thyself. Or, better yet, stick a cork in it.



sean said…
The next thing will be that you will be breathylsed when you leave the pub.Whether you drive or not.

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