Do They know It's Christmas?

Well I’ve got the laptop working and here we all are in Wetherspoons. The place is looking surprisingly clean and the staff have never been so attentive. It’s either the festive spirit or the expectation of large tips. Some chance with the disparate group assembled here. It’s a mix of the sad, the lonely, and the grateful drinker who’s killing time before the dreaded family get together. There’s a coAdd Imageuple eating their Christmas lunch in complete silence, and a guy tucked in the corner nursing a pint of Fosters. Actually he was here before me-doesn’t he know the Crimbo rules-get as much down your neck before they throw you out.

Beer wise, we’ve got some dodgy 3 Rivers, and (no surprise) Allgates. Luckily the Outstanding Ginger is ok and we’ve been alternating it with some single malts. We can only wistfully think of what might have been if the bosses at the ELR weren’t such scrooges. Seems the staff at the Trackside were willing to work (unpaid) today so that the regulars could enjoy a few drinks. However, the miserable toads who run the ELR (the Trackside’s owners) didn’t want to know. Letting people enjoy themselves? Unimaginable! To them it’s just a money making machine. It’s enough to drive you to drink.

Anyway, Merry Christmas. And may your camel spit nothing but dates.


barry said…
Merry Christmas,Tyson.
Seems Spoons wasn't your first choice but you seem to be enjoying it.

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