Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Another day. Another Christmas do. Another blonde. I could get used to dining out with the glamorous jet set. But where to take a slinky sex kitten for lunch? Prague? Paris? It was a close call, but Ramsbottom just edged it. We decided to try the First Chop and put Rick to the test. The lady dallied with Wainwrights and I tried out Hydes seasonal-Rockin’ Robin (4.6%) which proved to be pleasantly seasonal.

We opted for some of the Lancashire tapas. One advantage of lunching with these model types is they don’t eat very much. So whilst she licked the breadcrumbs off her fishcake, I could tuck into the rather delightful Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire Rarebit. Suitably nourished we moved on to the Hare & Hounds where we sampled Hart Snowella and Outlaw Wild Mule. Being the last Friday before Christmas, the pub was getting busy with people on work outings and a chance for an early start to the weekend festivities.

As it lashed down outside, the svelte eye-candy leaned in closer. Our eyes met and I could see desire in her eyes. Definite desire. She wanted me. Yes, she wanted me to get her another Outlaw Wild Mule. Well, it is a great beer for the driver, being hoppy but low in volume. I settled for Hart’s No Balls (what would Freud have said), which was easy going if not too distinctive. A nice outing but all too soon, I was back at home. Bearing in mind the weather conditions, and tomorrow’s party, I decided to stay in and open one of my Christmas presents. From me to me with love-a 1991 Lagavulin. Bitingly smokey to begin, the sherry casks are felt in the bitter-sweet finish. A good start to the weekend.


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