I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

Another day. Another Christmas do. Another blonde-although it was a bloke this time. There’s no rest for the wicked. Two fellow bloggers and part-time beerhounds were visiting the great metropolis. Could I meet them for a drink? Of course it meant giving up my Sunday drinking to go, er, drinking. So once more I made the ultimate sacrifice for Queen and country.

We met up at Sinclairs where I played it safe with Old Brewery, whilst my guests experimented with the excellent bottled range. The Triangle shopping complex isn’t my natural habitat-there being nothing to recommend it apart from perhaps Zizzi and Pizza Express. However, I happened to mention to Apiarist that it also hosts top lingerie shop Bravissimo. This was enough to warrant a detour-well he does write a sex blog. With his curiosity satisfied, we moved onto Tiger Tiger. 7 bars on 4 floors and not a drop of real ale to be had. After my usual formal complaint, we got stuck in.

I was outvoted on not going French and out first conquest was Petit Chablis Prieure St Come. This wasn’t too shabby, being refreshingly citrus in tone and a not unpleasant mineral finish. I was less happy with the Rioja Cosecha Saigoba-fruit and coffee flavours-whose idea was that? Colombard Ugni Blanc was much better with a nice, crisp, apple body. Popping our head in at the Wetherspoons, we were surprised to find Titanic Iron Curtain Russian Stout on the bar. Too burnt for me but my companions enjoyed the “chewiness.”
Some solid nourishment was now in order and I took them to one of my favourites-Efes. Even at their Sunday rate of £8.95 their Mediterranean buffet is hard to beat. Somehow I was talked into having the Burton Bridge Staffordshire Knot Brown Ale in the Paramount-a mistake I’ll never repeat. The Britons had to be visited and after an aperitif of Unicorn, it was whisky time. The train was looming for Manchester’s latest converts and hearty goodbyes were exchanged with much hand shaking and back slapping.

A classic day out-I could get use to this drinking lark.


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