Madness They Call It Madness

Another day, another Christmas do. Slightly under the weather from yesterday’s excesses-note to self, eat, I bravely struggled on. Manchester was the city; Abode (a rather a la mode hotel) was the venue. Leaving my flat cap at the door, I sensed this wasn’t a place that would serve Dark Mild. Lunch consisted of vegetable soup, Ravioli of goats’ cheese and basil and some wild mushroom risotto. And cheese, of course, to finish. The place was busy-no sign of the credit crunch here and people were busy pouring copious amounts of booze down their neck. Eager not to be left behind, I dived in headfirst.

Betty Blue (once blonde, now brunette) explained that, unusually, the wines were ordered by grape type, not country. Hence, we kicked off with a powerful red-Aresti Estates Carmenere, from Chile. This was very rich, with heavy cherry notes and a peppery finish. No sooner had this disappeared than its French replacement appeared, as if by magic. Chateau Davide Bordeaux Superiore. I think this was Merlot in nature-not really to my taste but chacun ses gouts as we say in Bury. Seems Flaps McGraw (once blonde, now brunette) visits France a lot with hubby no 3. Apparently for her last birthday, they got a holiday home there.

My choice next. I celebrated my love for Italy with Le Vele Verdichhio Dei Castelli Jesi (I think!) which was beautifully fruity and went down all too quickly. At some point the champagne flutes came out, as did the brandy. All this drinking can make you thirsty, so a mini crawl for the hardy, or foolhardy, was proposed. I think I had Lomond Gold in the Waterhouse before being accosted by Groping Gail. Living up to her nickname she cornered me for the full Xmas snog. Seems she’s ditched Mr Not So Right and had a boob job to celebrate. Did I want to go back to her boudoir and road test them? A lovely offer, in keeping with the season, but being a gentleman I naturally declined. Well I was late for my rendezvous to see Madness, anyway.

A quick dash got me to the concert in time, but sadly they were rather disappointing. I think a lot of the audience had also been on the sauce and were geared up for some serious sing-along action. However, the band were premiering their new album, so not enough of the familiar hits to keep most people happy. Still, noisy enough to stop me from falling asleep. Which is the main thing after a day on the pop.


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