Stella, Stella. My Kingdom For A Pint Of Stella.

The staff at the newly reopened Knowsley are slowly starting to find their feet. Or at least they seem to have worked out how to pour the St Edmund’s. This, of course, is the “trendy” GK beer that is served at 7C and can, gasp, be served Southern style-or properly. Having tried a couple, I’ve come to the conclusion that although this is a fantastic (i.e. bland but drinkable) beer by GK standards, it’s a daft gimmick. It appeals to neither the real ale drinker, nor the lager guzzler. Apparently it’s aimed at the supposedly premium Guinness market. Where people, presumably, choose to drink, er, Guinness. Oh, and yes, I did try it both ways. Northern pour wasn’t any better-I suppose there are things that even the sparkler can’t improve.

There are a few things that still need working on at the Knowsley, though. Like staff training. There was a sign hung over the Stella font proclaiming “Not quite ready.” The barman explained they were waiting for it to settle...


Paul Garrard said…
Southern style really isn't southern style, but if you let it stand whilst you have a pint or two of something else it is a pretty good beer. The wait warms it up and loses the artificial frothiness.

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