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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Blood On The Tracks

The Trackside on Bolton Street Station is closed for the moment amid speculation about its future. No manager and no licence, but that’s not even the biggest problem it faces. Despite being a goldmine for the East Lancs Railway, there is a faction of influential members who want to retain it as their own private club. It’s feared they’ve engineered the current crisis to get their own way and if successful the pub will close its doors for good. Local tickers and steam buffs await their decision with baited breath. In the meantime, it presents a sorry sight, with a stack of used firkins lying out back. Reports reach me that former regulars such as Sir Mickalas and Dead Ed have been seen weeping in the streets.

Update: With no one in charge to ensure staff coverage, it's open ad hoc hours, so visitors beware.


Tandleman said...

Blimey. Where did you get the Bobek by the way?

Carlton Cheeserind said...

Terrible. Presumably the local CAMRA branch is lobbying the ELR? You can't let a pub like that go down without some sort of a fight!

Tyson said...


See post above.

Anonymous said...

What? The same Camra branch who didn't even see fit to put it in the GBG.Since when are they interested in quality pubs.

lee said...

since when do camra care about pubs?

susan said...

The place is better off without Chris.Did she ever do any work? I only ever saw her pissed and or with a ciggie in her hand.IF it keeps open whoever they get can't be any worse.

Carlton Cheeserind said...

CAMRA is the CAMPAIGN for real ale is it not? If it really is a campaign, I'd expect (at the very least) a letter to be sent to the ELR urging them to keep the Trackside going as a real ale bar.