Born To Ramble

After the excesses of the festive season, it’s time to detox. And what better way to detox than through the natural cleansing power of beer? A Rammy Ramble-an abridged version of the infamous Rammy Mile-was in order. First port of call was the Good Sam, where Lees, Golden Pippin and Deuchars were on offer. And, getting in the spirit of the credit crunch, beer had been reduced to £2 a pint. Golden Pippin at £2? We didn’t need telling twice and, like a herd of migrating wildebeest, we rushed to the bar. Suitably nourished we headed up the hill.

The First Chop was still quiet and the WHB and I settled down with some easy going Wainwrights. Archimedes went all metrosexual with a half of Ginger and a half of Wheat. He also sampled some Lancashire fishcakes-which he gave the nod to. Further along at the Major, it was all change on the beer front, with 3 guest beers on. Dent Frosty Weather (4.5%) was surprisingly light, but a little heavy on the palate. Hornbeam Lemon Blossom was surprisingly light on the lemon and heavy on the malt. Archimedes was hungry again and so we all decided to dine. My cheese & onion pie was divine, being substantial in both size and taste. Seems Archimedes is one of those poncy carnivores who likes his meat to be pink, instead of being properly done. Hugh Fearnley Whittington and his ilk have a lot to answer for.

A short bus ride took us to the Hare & Hounds which was by far the busiest pub of the day. A shock awaited us on the board, with not one, but two, Leyden’s on. And a Boggart. The Now that’s what I call cruel and unusual punishment. Still reeling, I went for Hambleton Festive Folly, which despite being straw coloured, was yet again heavy on the malt. The WHB was by now on the red wine but I played safe with Wild Mule. We decided to take the party down to the Trackside, where I was glad to see full board. Naylor’s Pale Ale and Copper Dragon were amongst the beers tried, whilst Archimedes and the WHB were knocking back the mulled wine. When mulled wine became whisky, I knew we were on the last leg. It was time to go home-after all we still didn’t know who the new Dr Who was...


Tandleman said…
You are getting mixed up. It is Dick Whittingstall you have in mind I think!

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