Cheese Of The Moment: Old Quebec Vintage Cheddar

The best Cheddars are those that are aged. The longer the maturation period, the better, I find. Unfortunately, a lot of British Cheddars are only aged for 12-18 months. No such problems for Canadian cheese devotees, as our Commonwealth cousins produce some truly wonderful Cheddar. Old Quebec Vintage Cheddar has at least three years to mature and it certainly shows in the taste. Low moisture levels during the lengthy gestation period means that this is one flavour packed cheese. Extra-sharp, with a smooth texture, this explodes on the tongue, leading to a delightfully tangy finish. One for the Cheddar aficionado.


I had a 2 year matured Cheddar when in Oregon. That was nice.

mmmmmmm....cheese, I like cheese.
Tyson said…
I think 2 years should be the minimum allowed for Cheddar. That's when it starts getting really tasty.
Have you ever looked at the "best before" date on Stilton? keep until it gets there and then try it. It's best after it's "best before".

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