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Friday, 16 January 2009

Drink While You Work

Pablo Caya, from Lima, Peru, will no doubt be celebrating today with a drink or two. For, in an unusually sensible ruling for the legal profession, Peru’s highest court has ruled that he was unfairly dismissed and has ordered his reinstatement.

Caya, a caretaker with the local authority, was sacked for being drunk at work. However, the court deemed this disproportionate and unreasonable. As it pointed out in its ruling; he wasn’t rude or violent and had carried his work out as usual. Makes me wonder just how drunk he was? Anyway, let’s all raise a glass to this champion of worker’s rights. Where Peru leads, the rest of the world follows...


the SD said...

Hear, hear. He's my new hero

Ten Inch Wheeler said...

When I worked in Munich I heard several times that if companies has more than x amount of staff, that they had to provide them with free beer, usually dispensed from vending machines. Can't be true can it?

Tyson said...

Free beer for workers? Now that's my kind of company!