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Everyone’s favourite grocer, Tesco, is facing two separate investigations amongst claims that it has indulged in “bait advertising.” This is the illegal practice of advertising goods knowing that there is insufficient stock of said goods. Seems hard to believe, I know. In this case, it’s that bête noire of politicians-cut-price booze. Specifically, a one-litre bottle of Baileys. Tesco were advertising it for £8 and Rosie Cooper, Labour MP for West Lancashire, tried to buy a bottle in Liverpool, only to find it sold out. Not easily deterred, she tried two further stores with the same result. A phone call to customer services had Tesco admitting that each store would receive only limited numbers.

Rightly miffed, Ms Cooper promptly complained to both Liverpool trading standards and the ASA, over how the offer was advertised. Tesco have refuted the charges, claiming that the information Ms Cooper received was “wrong.” Of course, it may be just coincidence that this admission came only after discovering she was an MP.

Talking of everyone’s favourite charity, I see that you can now redeem Clubcard vouchers for a course of Neuro-linguistic programming. Why? NLP is a pseudoscience that is all smoke and mirrors. It has all the scientific credibility of voodoo. First they deprive an MP of her right to get tanked up cheaply and now they are mixed up with this mumbo jumbo. What next? A Scientologist seminar on how to become a brainwashed nutter and give all your money away?


Just posting a couple of links

Tesco Club Card NLP (link might expire)
WIKI definition of NLP

I had to look to see what you were talking about.

Thought provoking..
toni said…
NLP is just a money making scheme used to take money from the gullible.Shame on Tesco for promoting it.Mind you their executives have probably been on one of the "self improvement" seminars!
cooper as boozer champ. Whatever next? BTW a brilliant cartoon from Rowson.
Paul Garrard said…
All things considered it is not as bad as the CS gas available on Amazon just before Christmas!

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