It's All A Matter Of Relativity

Well here I am in Pizza Pioneer enjoying a breakfast garlic panini. I’m hoping all this coffee will wash the wine and whisky of last night out of my system and get me ready for the long day ahead. Not working so far, but give it time. Anyway, the two guys behind me have just had the following interesting exchange,

“Have you tried that 99p Greene King pint at Wetherspoons?”“Fack off. I’d rather drink Lees."

Harsh, but fair in this case.


Paul Garrard said…
Garlic for breakfast seems like a step too far to me!
Tyson said…
(1) Garlic at anytime is fine by me.
(2) It's guaranteed to sober you up!
Paul Garrard said…
And have no mates!
Tyson said…
You've got me there!

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