Let Them Eat Cheese

Out with the old. In with the new. Bush may have departed the White House, but he’s left Obama with a terrible legacy. Not Iraq. Nor the crumbling economy. It’s the war on cheese. In one final, mean-spirited act, the bungling, bonkers Texan cowboy, found time to approve a 300% import duty increase on Roquefort. This blue-veined, sheep’s cheese classic is, of course, a symbol of French gastronomic excellence and that seems to be the point. The Bush administration wanted revenge on the “cheese-eating surrender monkeys”, and knew where to hit where it will hurt.

Ostensibly, this is about the beef war raging between the USA and the EU. The land of Lincoln want to be able to poison Europeans with their beef that is pumped full of growth hormones. Not surprisingly, the EU, with France taking the lead, have said no thanks. After all, Europe has plenty of crap meat itself-there’s no need to import it. The Americans have retaliated by imposing heavy import duties on EU foodstuffs. Except British goods, naturally-a reward for our governments continued begging for the EU to allow us to be poisoned by imported meat.

Interestingly, although Roquefort was already taxed at 100% import duty, it was the only foodstuff to face such an increase. The message was clear-the French were being punished again for their perceived anti-American stance. The land of OJ is playing politics with cheese. Which is just wrong? Famously, last time import duty was raised, French farmers leader, Jose Bove, attacked the local McDonalds with mallets and a bulldozer. Let’s hope for something similar this time, as this attack on the freedom of cheese buyers cannot go unavenged. The first thing Obama needs to do is right this wrong and restore faith in the land of the free.


Paul Garrard said…
More cheese for us then!

lynne said…

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