Live From The Trackside

Another live as it happens blog post-this could become a habit. Just called in the Trackside and blimey. You don't go in for a week and it's all happening. Apparently it's been shut for 2 days as they've been without a licence. It seems Fag Ash Lil' has been given the order of the boot and it's all a bit chaotic. Dean hasn't got his personal licence yet, so they're operating temporarily under the wing of Brendan Leyden of Lord Raglan fame. A few well known faces are alleged to have shown interest in taking over. However, when they discover how badly it pays and just what crap employers the ELR are, I think the odds are against getting any big hitters to run it. Still, we live in hope.

Watch this space. Now where did I put my pint...


Anonymous said…
Well you've been proven wrong 'cos a big hitter does have it now!
And the future is looking bright under the wings of Mr Deano

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