Message In A Bottle

In a classic case of “do as I say, not as I do”, details have emerged about drunken shenanigans in an Ipswich cop shop. Shockingly, it seems the boys (and girls) in blue like a drink as much as the rest of us. A little too much for the liking of their bosses in the Suffolk constabulary. Hilariously timed to coincide with a crackdown on Christmas binge drinking, five officers managed to disgrace themselves in and around the station bar.

Dubbed the “boys in booze scandal”, it led to a six month probe and a temporary halt of alcohol sales. Details are tantalisingly sketchy but include: A sergeant demoted to constable for exposing his truncheon, a woodentop vomiting in the station and fisticuffs after one PC was caught urinating on the station wall. Not surprisingly the drunks in blue aren’t taking this lying down and have appealed against their punishment. After all, if you can’t get pissed at a police station, where can you?


and the booze will be all that stuff they consficate from football fans etc which is supposedly destroyed or given to charity
I used to drink in Bradford Central Police Station bar years ago. My mate who worked there could sign me in. It was dirt cheap. They had a cabinet full of alarming weapons they'd taken off local thugs over the years, dating back to the 30s. Nowt new about knife crime.

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