NWAF and Other Wonders

The National Winter Ales Festival is nearly upon us and I’ve had a few inquiries in connection with it. Several of the heavyweight pubs are hosting events of their own to coincide with it and, indeed, the Crescent’s has already begun. The Smithfield is also having a tickers fest-bring your Bensons & Hedges and you’ll feel right at home. With Camra continuing with their controversial local beer selection policy, the Marble Arch are cashing in with their “Not The Winter Ales Festival” theme. So if you want local ales of the calibre of All Gates, Boggart, Lees and Leyden, try the NWAF. However, if you want award winning local ales such as Phoenix and Pictish, you’ll need to visit the Marble.

Other information people seem to think I’d know: The best Indian is of course subjective, but I would recommend East Z East on Blackfriars. There isn’t really a top-notch chippy, with quantity winning over quality here. Ditto pizza, although Pizza Express comes nearest. On the buffet front, it’s hard to beat Efes on Princess St. And, especially for Tony M, lap-dancing wise, Eddie, the eager, legal beagle, tells me Longlegs is the place to study female anatomy.


Are you going to be there?
Tandleman said…
I think some of it at least comes down to sponsorship, but there are plenty others from afar to go at. I'll ask the Head Cellarman.
Tyson said…

Yes-I shall be attending the trade session.
les said…
I think it's a shame that people coming from further afield won't be able to enjoy the best beers of Gtr Manchester.After missing them off last year,they should be included this year.
mike said…
All the scoopers will be at the Smithfield anyway.A far better beer choice than the NWAF.
Tyson said…

Perhaps, but I'm not interested in a smoke-fest.
Paul said…
I'll be there on Friday afternoon/evening. Is it worth visiting the Marble Arch as well as the festival? There's so much good stuff at the festival to drink that shifting my fat carcass becomes less and less appealing by the day.

Perhaps I should visit the Marble Arch another time.

I presume that I can have all the bottled beers unopened? I fancy the Durham Temptation and I don't know if you've noticed but it's kind of hard to find round here.
Paul said…
Is there anywhere good to eat that does good wholesome food? I can't imagine that gorging on a spicy curry will do you any good at all after you've just lamped numerous pints of strong dark ale.
Tyson said…

It all depends on how much time you have and what your aims are. Obviously there will be plenty of (inluding unopened bottled) beer at the NWAF. However, the Marble is worth a look in its own right, I'd say.

Food-wise, there are a lot of cafes etc in the nearby N/4 selling everything from curries to organic sandwiches. If you do decide to go to the Marble, though, you will pass the Angel on Angel St. This isn't in the GBG (yet?) but is renowned for its excellent food.
Paul said…
You were right about the beer. And the barmaids. I could have very easily ensconced myself in the Angel for quite some time but I had a train to catch. Maybe next time though.

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