Stockport Supping

Another day, another rest. Or so I thought last night, anyway. Not quite. Eddie, the eager, legal beagle had other ideas. Seems the Manx Minx was busy knitting him a new legal loincloth. So we were free to discuss the works of Proust and his influence on the writings of Graham Greene.

For a change, we decided to have a couple of warm up drinks in Stockport. It’s only 10 minutes train ride away from Manchester and has a plethora of decent pubs. We started at the GBG listed Olde Vic, at the Edgeley side of Stockport town centre. This is a one-roomed freehouse complete with eccentric landlord, eccentric opening hours (evenings only), and an eclectic mix of pub ornaments. With its open fire, this can be a great place to enjoy the local craic. Unfortunately, tonight was a disappointment, with only 2 guest beers on-poor for a Friday night.

Tentatively opting for Hornbeam Hoppy Presents, we soon had cause to regret our decision. It looked good and there wasn’t too much in the aroma to give it away. However, that taste of crystal malt and cabbage is one that really lingers. A truly disgusting beer. So bad we were unable to finish it and fled at the earliest opportunity. Eddie hadn’t been to our next destination-the Olde Woolpack, before and was looking forward to it. A comfortable multi-roomer, it was a welcome break from the cold rain. Alas, Thwaites was the best it had to offer on this occasion and although the Wainwrights was fine, it’s hardly worth coming to Stockport for.
Our last stop was unlikely to let us down and it didn’t. The Crown lies in the shadow of the imposing viaduct and boasts 16 handpumps-although we had to make do with a measly 12. We enjoyed all the beer here, including Marble J.P in top nick and a very impressive Salopian Resistance. This 3.9% golden ale blends German, American and British hops for a very dry, satisfying thirst quenching brew.

The clock was ticking, so we made our move back into Manchester. Walking into the centre, we were lured by the close proximity of the toilets in the Piccadilly and whilst there managed a pint of the reasonably priced (£2.20) Unicorn. Eventually we made our way to the Angel, where we were treated to a lock-in with the proprietor and several pints of Phoenix Arizona. Our last stop of the night was a late call at Hunters for rice and three, where I was somewhat outraged at being told that they now charge for water. Still, not a bad little excursion out.


Tandleman said…
Charge for water? WTF? This isn't London
Tyson said…
Yes, they wanted 60p for water. It's the old VAT trick-they're keeping rice and three at the same price but adding costs onto the extras.
paul said…
The Vic had been is steady declinde for some time now.It's past the point where "eccentric" becomes "annoying".Shame about the Woolpack though.
Juice Digital said…
Trying to put together a blog on the history of the Red bull Pub on Muddle Hillgate, Stockport and suggestions for sources of information and old pictures?
Tyson said…
As it's a Robbies house, I would suggest contacting them.

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