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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

What's It All About, Alfie?

Only two days in and poor old JDW are really getting it in the neck. Their crime? Daring to sell Greene King IPA for 99p a pint. Shocking! First to land a blow (no surprise), were puritanical killjoys Alcohol Concern. Chief Puritan, Don Shenker, lectured us with “In the economic climate, businesses need to be competitive. However, alcohol is not an ordinary commodity like milk or bread.” Too right, Don, it’s much more important than that. More pearls of wisdom soon followed “Alcohol causes harm to the nation’s health and economy.” But then so does unemployment and George Bush’s international policy. Not to mention Alistair Darling.

If predictable attacks from baying right-wingers weren’t enough, some snobby beer commentators have also been having a go. It’s “devaluing” real ale, damaging a “premium brand” and other such nonsense. Somehow I think it’ll take more than a pound a pint promotion to fill the streets with Greene King IPA fiends. Some might even argue that it’s finally reached its natural market value. Odds are it will put people off the real stuff for life. However, if it does bring even one convert from the dark side, it’s been worth it.

Best laugh of 2009 so far-Greene King distancing itself from the promotion, whilst simultaneously lining its pockets. Of course they have to make some noises-they will have some pretty miffed tenants after all. Still, the phrase “have your cake and eat it” does seem to spring to mind...


Anonymous said...

But aren't Greene King well respected brewers of craft beers?

Tyson said...

No-unless of course you meant "crap" beer.

Paul Garrard said...

Tyson you know I won't agree on the "crap" label, 'cause it doesn't have to be and in it's home town it isn't.

I'm pleased JDW have stirred things up - think I must be a bit of an anarchist at heart (must be my age).

Tyson said...


I can agree it's all very subjective. I honestly can't see anything to like in their output, but at least you didn't mention the S word!

Velky Al said...

I had never had Greene King's IPA until just after Christmas - doesn't get to Prague - and unless it was in very very poor condition, I won't be trying that again, and this was in a pub which is apparently known in the Ashford area for how well they keep their beer.

Tyson said...

Velky Al

Although Mr Garrard would disagree, I don't think you can serve GK IPA "well", it's that poor a beer.

Carlton Cheeserind said...

Yes, a contradiction in terms.