100 Not Out

Congratulations to Vera Ghey, landlady of The Bull’s Head in Callington, Cornwall. For having reached the grand age of 100, she has become Britain’s oldest landlady. Now some sources are playing it safe and using words like “apparently”, but, sod it, I’m going to stick my neck out and say she IS Britain’s oldest landlady. And let’s not be sexist-I’m willing to bet she’s actually Britain’s oldest licensee. In reaching a century not out, Vera overtakes the late Mabel Mudge who threw the towel in at 99. However, if she wants to become the longest serving landlord, she still has a bit to do yet. Mabel put in an impressive 75 years as landlady, whilst Vera has only clocked up (so far), a measly 60 years. Here’s to the next 15.


Woolpack Dave said…
They just don't make licensees like they used to.

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