Any Port(er) In A Storm

I see that Fullers are launching a keg version of their successful London Porter. They have trialled the product in 11 of their managed pubs and are now ready to roll it out into the rest of their tied estate. Why? Is there an unfulfilled demand for keg porter in Boris Johnson land? I would have thought that the majority of punters who bought and appreciated LP did so because it was cask. Certainly a lot of cask drinkers enjoy the full flavour of a good Porter, but I’ve yet to hear of groups of keg drinkers meeting to discuss their merits. Is it intended as a rival for Guinness? In which case, we’ve been here before-history is full of breweries who have tried (and failed), to take a share of that particular pot of Irish gold.

I’m also puzzled by their decision to launch, in March, a new cask ale. It will be under 4% and is described (naturally), as a “quaffing ale.” This is an already crowded market and it will take something very special to make a mark. And isn’t Chiswick Bitter their quaffing ale, anyway? Answers on a postcard.


Thom said…
Will it be nitrogenated? I really enjoy it from the bottle, though it is far higher in alcohol than this keg version.
maeib said…
London Porter is a very popular beer in the States. I imagine its' sold there nitrogenated and Fullers think it will work the same over here. I'm not so sure.

Will this be the first keg Porter sold in these isles?
Tyson said…
You see a lot of keg Mild, and Bitter, but Porter, I think, is unknown to me.
Paul Bailey said…
Just when we thought keg was dead and buried Fullers spoil things by launching this "bastardised" version of a superb beer. Haven't they got faith with the cask version? They deserve to be stripped of all the awards they have won over the years for their cask beers!
They should certainly hang their heads in shame!
William said…
It's a disgrace that Fullers are betraying their cask heritage with this garbage. London Porter is their best beer and a keg version is an insult to all their drinkers.
tracy said…
I love London Porter and can't understand why they would want to nitrogenise such a great beer.It will just be a smooth beer then and all that extra gas just makes me fart.
ian said…
I think there are better Porters out there,but agree that it would be a shame to see a keg version of LP.Any sales would impact on the proper version.

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