Big Green(e) Country

I am the shocked recipient of an email from Greene King. Not, as might be thought, a threat of litigation, but rather an invitation. Yes, the Head of Communications, no less, has sent me a very nice email inviting me to visit the brewery. Seems someone pointed him in the direction of this blog and my musings on GKIPA. I’m unlikely to be in deepest Suffolk in the near future, but a brewery invite is always nice-even if it’s from Greene King. After all, I’ve braved Lees, Leyden and Mayflower before now.


Tandleman said…
Guess mine must be in the post then!
Anonymous said…
I've just had a decent pint of Ruddles Best in the pub so they can't all be bad. Though, granted, their IPA is pretty pisspoor.
Paul Garrard said…
A brewery visit is worth it just to go onto the roof for the surrounding view. Make the effort visit God's own county!

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