Judge Not, That You May Be Not Judged

Now we all know that it is dangerous to talk up (or is that down?) the “credit crunch.” Whilst facing reality, too much emphasis on doom and gloom risks the possibility of making it become a self fulfilling prophecy. That’s why I’m glad to see that I’m not the only person to see drink as the perfect investment for our troubled times. Yes, at least one other person seems to believe in drinking their way through the economic gloom.

The person in question is, as yet, an unnamed banker who enjoyed a blowout after the recent Brits awards bash. The papers are full of righteous indignation about his antics, but never once question the socio-economic structure that allows, if not downright encourages, his behaviour. His crime, if it be one, was to run up a £43,000 bar bill at plush Soho club, Maya. Not bad going in three hours. Although, to be fair, he did have four mates along for help.

The booze shopping list included: five £350 bottles of Louis Roederer Cristal 99, three magnums of £1.900 Cristal Rose and two £9000 methuselahs of (naturally), Dom Perignon. They also managed to squeeze in four £750 jeroboams of Belvedere vodka and two jeroboams of Cristal champagne. Add the 15% service charge and you get a bar bill of £43,067.50. No skinflint, he left a £1000 tip for the waitress. A man of principle, he allegedly told people present that “this is for Gordon Brown. Arsehole. You need to wake up and stop panicking Britain.” Yeah, right on, brother.

The cost will probably be reclaimed as a tax credit. It may be wrong, but I find it hard to condemn such behaviour. For I know all too well the lure of the paid for drink. Yes, I once was given ten pounds in expenses. I blew it on 5 pints of Holts Bitter and a packet of Seabrooks crisps. So I say, let he who is without sin cast the first stone.


Tandleman said…
Seems a lot of booze for 5 guys. Did they doggy bag some.

Actually I'd put them against a wall and shoot them. (Sorry take them away and re-educated them)Enemies of the people.
Woolpack Dave said…
Bankers? You only need to change one letter to understand what I think.

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